Tharanaya is a concept of a group of friends graduated from the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. At the early stages of Tharanaya, we basically did hiking with fellow university students in vacations. But with the time passing we have decided to give this opportunity to the society and encourage them on traveling. So for that purpose, THARANAYA.LK was created in 2014. After that, with three years of Tharanaya team experience we are offering many eco-friendly trips to different destinations around Sri Lanka.

What we do?

Basically Tharanaya is a tour organizing service. We have prepared set of destinations under eight basic categories called Family, Friends, Camping, Water, One day, Pilgrimage, Hiking and Adventure. So customers can select one of them and request a trip for a particular destination. Then we will contact you within one day and organize the entire trip from A to Z for you. We will also guide you for that trip, bringing in our experienced and professional people for difficult journeys. You only have to come and go on the trip. Going on a adventure trip is not a difficult thing any more…

How it works?

It is simple and quick. Basically consist of three steps,

  1. Select your destination.
  2. Pay a deposit.
  3. Enjoy the journey.

Select your destination: This is your preference. You can select a place from more than 20+ pre available destinations. Nothing to worry if your favorite place is not available in our lists, then there is an option to request your custom destination. We will look for that request and inform you whether we can organize a trip to that location or not within a day.

Pay a deposit: When you reserve a trip, you must pay a deposit. This deposit should pay through the bank and is not refundable. (We’ll inform you more details about the deposit once you reserve a trip.) Rest of it can be paid on the day of the trip.

Enjoy the journey: We come to your door step so you can start your journey from your home. At every journey, we will provide one or more professional guides according to the journey. All the other needs including first aid will be provided.

What are the value added additional services?

  1. Photography: If you want a photo album for your journey, we will arrange it for you.
  2. Video clip: If you request this service, you will be given a trip video which contains the memorable moments of the day.
  3. THARANAYA.LK T-shirt: You can buy a Tharanaya shirt for a very low cost.
  4. Liquor: We can provide you with liquor for the journey under some conditions(See Terms and agreements).

(All these services can be caused to additional charges.)